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Thank you very much!
On behalf of all CSVUserlistBrowser users I would like to express my thanks to the following persons and institutions:
• Peer-Axel Kroeske, Günter Lorenz
Special credits go to Peer-Axel Kroeske and Günter Lorenz for programming the online versions of the userlists and for maintaining the database servers. Both have already fulfilled many wishes from myself and from users regarding the list output.
• Shigenori Aoki, Nagoya DXer Circle
• Eike Bierwirth
• HFCC - Int. Broadcasting Delivery
• Martin Francis
• Dan Ferguson (swskeds, SWBC)
Dan Ferguson regularly compiles a free synopsis of AOKI, EIBI, HFCC and data from various other sources. His CSV file can be imported in CSVUserlistBrowser. To obtain it joining his swskeds io.Group is required:
• Perseus userlists
Thanks to the authors of the following lists, which can be imported into CSVUserlistBrowser as Perseus™ style userlists:
• Hamlib and Omnirig
CSVUserlistBrowser uses the Omnirig and Hamlib interfaces to control external receivers over serial COM ports.
• Virtual COM port emulators
Links to popular COM port emulators (required for communication with SDR software which uses CAT control). Many of them are free. Thanks to the authors.
VSPE by ETERLOGIC (32 bit version free)
VSPM by K5FR (free upon email request)
• Thanks to the users
• Finally I would like to thank for all the bug reports and many helpful suggestions contributed by users of CSVUserlistBrowser.
Copyright notice
The copyright of the databases is held by their individual owners. Normally the data are only intended for personal use, not for further publication. Accordingly this is also true for the lists which CSVUserlistBrowser creates. Therefore I cannot give permission to use the data for other purposes as I am not the copyright owner of the original data.
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