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Disclaimer, legal stuff, conditions of use
The files offered on this page are only intended for private, non commercial use. They may be distributed unchanged royalty-free without notice. I explicitely interdict bundling my software in installers with adware.
The software was designed carefully and tested by myself within my capabilities. It contains no viruses, trojans and no other malware. But I cannot ensure that it is completely bugfree.
Copyright notice
The copyright for the databases is held by their individual owners. Normally the data are only intended for personal use. Accordingly this is also true for the lists which CSVUserlistBrowser creates. Thus I cannot give permission to use the data for other purposes as I am not the copyright owner of the original data. I have no influence on how the authors collect and compile their data.
The Downloader in CSVUserlistBrowser reports (as the user wishes) the personal geographical coordinates and the name of the location (QTH) to the www.fmscan.org website. These details are needed there to produce individual lists tailored for the given location. Furthermore the websites of AOKI, EIBI, HFCC, FMSCAN and Classaxe receive the name of the programme (CSVUserlistBrowser) and the version number as HTTP_USER_AGENT string when requesting data from there. I owe the owners of these websites to inform them which tool is requesting the informations provided for free and without selfish motives.
When clicking "Check for update" in the "About" dialogue the name of the application and the version information are reported to my web server. This has the only purpose to decide if you have the latest version or not. I do not store or track this information.
Bug reports (with detailed description which makes it possible for me to track the error) and suggestions are welcome. Whenever I consider a feature useful and the amount of programming realistic I will gladly incorporate new ideas. But I have no influence on the contents of the lists themselves.
Important note: In the past I received some (single) emails from users who wanted to make a donation to me. Although their intention is commendable: I do not accept donations for the maintenance of this website and the work on CSVUserlistBrowser! Thank you.
Please download the files directly from my web site only! Re-directs through translate.google or similar will probably not work! If my software should appear on so called "download centers" I explicitely advise against downloading it from there (danger of adware and trojans). The chm help system is included in the exe. A separate download is not required. The chm help file download is intended for potential users who want to inform themselves in advance.
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