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First steps
First steps
The instructions here are valid for any version of CSVUserlistBrowser. CSVUserlistBrowser does not come with station lists and schedules. You have to download the lists manually from the web sites of the authors. It is recommended to use the "Downloader" for the most popular schedules. The "Downloader" also handles the automatic download of up to date lists later.
Downloading schedules
Some of the URLs must be updated whenever a new broadcast season starts.
Note: "ASD" in the Downloader means "Autostart downloads". When such a box is ticked the Downloader automatically begins to look for new station lists when the dialogue is opened.
The URLs for the databases of the current season are as follows:
AOKI: http://www1.s2.starcat.ne.jp/ndxc/pc/nd/nxa17.zip ²
EIBI: http://www.eibispace.de/dx/eibi.txt ¹
EIBI CSV database: http://eibispace.de/dx/sked-a17.csv
EIBI Readme: http://www.eibispace.de/dx/README.TXT ¹
HFCC: http://hfcc.org/data/a17/a17allx2.zip
¹ = probably never changes
² = Microsoft 32 bit ODBC driver required when the xlsx file import is desired
The base URL for Classaxe databases is a little voluminous and is stored on line 9 in the file "download.links". It should only be changed with care!
Opening a list
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