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  1. Copy the complete contents of the "CSVUserlistBrowser" folder from the zip file to your harddisk. As G3xDDC-CSVUserlistBrowser has to write some data to the disk (e. g. the downloaded databases) a folder with unrestricted access privileges is recommended. The normal place "C:\Program Files..." is not a good choice. I recommend folders like "C:\Winradiotools" or "C:\CSVUserlistBrowser" straight away. Drive C: is not mandatory, it can be any drive.
  2. Copy the plugin "DF8RY-XRS-databridge.xrs" to the default directory for WiNRADiO plugins, normally "C:\Program Files (x86)\WiNRADiO\Plugins". When doing this, Windows will eventually ask for administrative priviliges.
Please read the instructions on the page
To allow owners of various WiNRADiO models to use their different receivers the same time, the programme must know which receiver it belongs to. Thus it may be necessary to do a little renaming:
  • G31DDC Excalibur: "G31DDC-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe" (default).
  • G33DDC Excalibur pro: "G33DDC-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe".
  • G35DDC Excalibur ultra: "G35DDC-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe".
  • G39DDC Excelsior: "G39DDC-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe".
It is possible to create all three of them by copying and renaming and use them side by side.
G3xDDC-CSVUserlistBrowser was especially designed for the XRS interface of the DDC series (Excalibur, Excelsior).
Starting the programme
  • Start the WiNRADiO software. Verify that an item "DF8RY XRS databridge" appears in the "Plugins/General purpose" menu and is checked. If this is not the case the file "DF8RY-XRS-databridge.xrs" is probably missing in the plugins folder.
  • Start "G3xDDC-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe". The file contains no virus, no trojan and no other malware.
First steps and opening lists
Please read the instructions on the page First steps.
Testing the interface
  • If you doubleclick a line in a list the WiNRADiO receiver should immediately tune the corresponding frequency.
  • Tick "Track" in G3xDDC-CSVUserlistBrowser and change the frequency on your WiNRADiO receiver. G3xDDC-CSVUserlistBrowser should now display all stations transmitting on the tuned frequency.
  • If all this does not work, close your WiNRADiO application, check if "DF8RY-XRS-databridge.xrs" is in the correct plugins directory, run the WiNRADiO software again and verify that the plugin name appears in the "Plugins/General purpose" menu and is checked.
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