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2018/05/21: AMLIST/FMLIST downloads from 2018/05/25 only transferred encrypted
As the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) finally comes into effect on 2018/05/25 the www.fmscan.org website now completely switches to secure (enyrypted) https transaction. In order to make downloading possible with CSVUserlistBrowser I have re-written the complete AMLIST/FMLIST download process and the logging procedure for the MWLIST/FMLIST online logbook (for registered members) in the past weeks. The functions are available in CSVUserlistBrowser 4.15. Older versions will no longer be able to receive data from the FMSCAN websites and to post logs.
As a so called session cookie is also sent back to the FMSCAN web server the Downloader now contains an additional checkmark where the user must explicitely agree that the cookie is transferred together with the geographical location data. This cookie is still not permanently stored on the harddisk and is "forgotten" when CSVUserlistBrowser is closed. It is only used when downloading an AMLIST/FMLIST file in the Downloader.
Call the Downloader with Crtl+ALt+D once in case you have automatics like ASD running. Then you can check the option calmly (if desired).
No private data are transferred when reqesting a list from AOKI, EIBI, HFCC and Classaxe.
I was not able to test the new secure transaction 1000 % over a longer period against all kinds of errors which might occur while a transfer is in progress. Thus CSVUserlistBrowser 4.15 will be released as a beta version for some time.
2018/04/21: "WhiteArmor" now renamed "Babable"?
The wayward antivirus software "WhiteArmor" now seems to be called "Babable". The scan results for CSVUserlistBrowser.exe unfortunately are as absurd as with "WhiteArmor" before. A web research did not bring up any informations about the manufacturer of this software. I was able to find out that "WhiteArmor" is probably an antivirus engine for Android systems. CSVUserlistBrowser certainly does not run under Android. Currently (2018/04/21) 63 virus screeners at virustotal do not find a threat in CSVUserlistBrowser.exe, three are unable to scan exe files (???), and only "Babable" once again believes CSVUserlistBrowser contains a "Malware.HighConfidence".
2018/04/02: CSVUserlistBrowser 4.14
The AOKI download link seems to be stable for A18 and I don't expect any more changes in the compilation of the AOKI zip file. Thus I am releasing CSVUserlistBrowser 4.14 final today.
2018/03/31: AOKI A18 contains .xslx file again
The current AOKI A18 .zip under
now contains a clear (not password protected) nxa18.xlsx table. Thus the import via ODBC driver is possible again.
2018/03/29: Remarks on antivirus software "WhiteArmor"
For some time now already "WhiteArmor" reports as the only one out of 65 antivirus scanners at virustotal.com an alleged malware in CSVUserlistBrowser named "Malware.HighConfidence". I had to look up myself what this malware is all about. It is said that it destroys files and registry settings, touts personal data and makes the PC slower. There is not a single byte of code in CSVUserlistBrowser which justifies such allegations. But as I can do nothing against the fake messages of "WhiteArmor" I only can give this advice: If you trust "WhiteArmor" more than 64 other virus softwares and my statement, the case is easy to solve: Delete CSVUserlistBrowser and do not use it!
2018/03/29: EIBI A18 list available
EIBI A18 list is available. The URL for the CSV database is:
The link to EIBI´s default .txt file is unchanged.
The .zip file from AOKI does not contain an .xlsx file at the moment. But the URL has not yet been officially released by AOKI.
2018/03/27: Unofficial URL for AOKI A18 list
The AOKI A18 list is currently available under the unofficial URL
Unfortunately the xlsx file is password protected. It is at the moment impossible to read the xlsx file in CSVUserlistBrowser via ODBC driver. Please remove the checkmark under Options/Settings "Use .xlsx instead of .txt in AOKI .zip file (ODBC driver required)" or use the current beta of CSVUserlistBrowser!
2018/03/27: AMLIST/FMSCAN reverted to http
The data transfer at AMLIST/FMSCAN has been reverted to the http protocol for the moment. Fetching lists with the Downloader automatically and posting logs to the MWLIST/FMLIST logbook should now work again.
2018/03/26: AMLIST/FMSCAN switching over to https
Im a sorry to inform the users of CSVUserlistBrowser that the unexpected switching over to https at AMLIST/FMSCAN is not compatible with the current Downloader code. The adaptation requires deeper intervention. I cannot foresee when I will have time to make all the changes. In the meantime I try my best to persuade AMLIST/FMSCAN to provide the old http transfer for a transitional period. If this should not be successful the automatic download of AMLIST/FMSCAN lists will fail in CSVUserlistBrowser for an indefinite period. You will only be able to download the lists manually from www.fmscan.org. Please get the csv lists which are TAB separated!
2018/03/13: HFCC A18 available
The HFCC A18 data are available. Please note that they are not yet official (season starts on March 25th).
2017/12/12: Dan Ferguson (swskeds/SWBC) moved to io.Groups
Due to persisting issues with Yahoo groups today Dan Ferguson (swskeds/SWBC) has moved his activities to io.Groups. Registered users of the old group have already been transferred to the new io group. New users interested in his "Combined Schedules" should now register with: swskeds&groups.io
2017/11/11: EIBI URL is back (1752 UTC)
The URL for EIBI's text file is valid again.
2017/11/11: EIBI URL temporarily down (1633 UTC)
The URL for EIBI's text file
seems to be temporarily down at the moment. Alternatively you can use the URL
in the Downloader which is currently on line. EIBI will certainly soon restore the links.
2017/11/07: Alternativ URL for the AOKI list
This morning I have made a little change in the current 4.13 version (without further announcement) which allows to enter an alternative URL for the B17 AOKI list (in case there should be problems again with the AOKI zip file):
2017/11/06: Final 4.13 version of CSVUserlistBrowser
As no more surprises seem to appear in the AOKI list and no more bugs were reported the 4.13 beta stage of CSVUserlistBrowser ends today.
2017/11/05: EIBI schedules now also available
Since today 1557 UTC the B17 EIBI lists are out.
2017/11/03: AOKI returns to fixed table format
With the list update from today, 1130 UTC, AOKI's ncb17.txt seems to return to the old table format with fixed columns. The current beta 4.13 of CSVUserlistBrowser handles both formats, fixed table and comma separated CSV (unless AOKI changes the format again at will). The xlsx import via the ODBC driver is still not affected.
2017/11/02: Trouble with AOKI ncb17.txt
In his second update this morning AOKI uses a comma separated CSV format instead of the usual format with fixed column widths. Please spare bug reports at the moment, I hope AOKI will correct the mistake in his next update. If not, an adaptation of CSVUserlistBrowser will be necessary.
The xlsx import via the ODBC driver is not affected!
PS: The current beta 4.13 of CSVUserlistBrowser contains a workaround.
2017/11/02: New AOKI URL
The URL for the AOKI B17 files is probably:
This file can be handled again by the Downloader in CSVUserlistBrowser. But we still have to wait if the URL will be definite because it is not yet officially linked on the AOKI web site.
The upcoming EIBI Sked URL (CSV database) is still not yet valid. But I am sure this can be expected soon.
2017/10/29: AOKI current zip file damaged
The file nxa17.zip which AOKI uploaded today cannot be unzipped by CSVUserlistBrowser. It has a structural bug in the zip header. Unpacker software like 7-Zip also fails. But obviously the unzipper of Windows can open it. I nevertheless suggest to wait until the file nxb17.zip is available for the new season to investigate if the bug will still be there in the future. I hope that it will go away.
2017/10/17: HFCC B17 available
The HFCC B17 data are available. Please note that they are not yet official (season starts on October 29th).
2017/10/16: Classaxe certificate updated
Since today the RWW, RNA and REU download from www.classaxe.com is working again with the secure https protocol. The certificate of the website has been updated.
2017/10/15: Workaround for the Classaxe issue in current beta
After the website certificate has expired Martin Francis today has returned to standard http:// transfer. The current beta of CSVUserlistBrowser contains an adaptation. See instructions in Readme_beta.txt. In short: Change https:// in the Downloader URL to http:// (without s).
2017/10/13: Lists from classaxe.com currently not available
The lists from Martin Francis (classaxe.com) currently cannot be downloaded by CSVUserlistBrowser. The reason is an expired certificate of the website. CSVUserlistBrowser uses system libraries to download the files, but the system detects an invalid certificate and refuses to access the site. There is no way to bypass this mechanism at the moment in CSVUserlistBrowser. Hopefully classaxe.com will update the certificates soon.
2017/06/27: Version 4.12
Version 4.12 now makes renaming of the exe easier by automatically creating copies for the desired receivers. Note: Close all running instances of CSVUserlistBrowser first. Otherwise the files affected cannot be copied.
2017/06/24: Unbelievable: 60 anti-virus softwares find no malware!
Currently 60 anti-virus softwares report no malware threat in CSVUserlistBrowser.exe (current beta) and G31DDC-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe (latest final version) on virustotal.com. Even McAfee-GW-Edition, which recently assumed evil malware in CSVUserlistBrowser, all of a sudden rates the (same) software benign. You can form an opinion yourselves on the reliability of such anti-virus softwares. But I am afraid this will not last long. Sooner or later CSVUserlistBrowser is put on the red list again by some superficial, sloppy anti-virus programme.
2017/05/31: End of beta 4.11 branch
No more bug reports have come in for a long time now. I am going to release the beta 4.11 as a final version today. It contains all the addons and fixes from the beta 4.11 branch.
Important note: For a couple of days already McAfee-GW-Edition as the only one out of 55 anti-virus programmes reports that CSVUserlistBrowser.exe contains a Trojan horse named "Win32.Ramnit.vh". This malware allegedly steals passwords and homebanking data, blocks anti-virus software and takes over control of the system. Until now I did not know what a "Win32.Ramnit.vh" is and I had to research what it's all about. I explicitely declare that CSVUserlistBrowser.exe does not contain malware code, but I am helpless against the false McAfee-GW-Edition scan report. 54 anti-virus programmes (virustotal.com) rate CSVUserlistBrowser.exe benign. But if someone is concerned it is certainly better not to use my software.
2017/03/30, 11:28 UTC: AOKI A17 default txt file now available
The AOKI standard txt file nxa17.txt is now also included in the zip file. The import is now possible without ODBC driver for xlsx installed (also via the Downloader).
All current URLs for the Downloader are summarised on the page First steps.
2017/03/29, 2040 UTC: EIBI A17 at start
The URL to the new EIBI CSV file is:
In the Downloader switch EIBI list type to Sked (CSV) and enter the new URL. Click Save details. If your standard list is the EIBI txt file go back to Default (txt) and click Save details once again.
2017/03/28: AOKI A17 URL available
Some minutes ago (0911 UTC) AOKI has opened the URL for the A17 schedules.
Don't forget to click "Save details" after entering the URL in the Downloader.
Important note: Currently only the xlsx file is included in the AOKI package! The standard text file nxa17.txt is not yet available! CSVUserlistBrowser moans "Wrong content size". This means that the download only works with an ODBC driver installed and when "Use .xlsx instead of .txt in AOKI .zip file (ODBC driver needed)" is checked in Options/Settings.
Users who do not have an ODBC driver installed and what to use the AOKI database in the meantime can extract the file userlist1.txt manually from nxa17.zip to the folder filesPERSEUS and import the file as a Perseus userlist (with all known restrictions).
2017/03/27: MWLIST/FMSCAN schedules repaired (1800 UTC)
The MWLIST/FMSCAN schedules have been repaired a few minutes ago. Now the download should work again with older versions of CSVUserlistBrowser.
2017/03/27: Again problems with MWLIST/FMSCAN schedules
Unfortunately the MWLIST/FMSCAN lists are broken again since yesterday evening. I am alreday negotiating with the authors to bring back the valid format. Please be patient until a solution is available.
PS: I have just uploaded a beta version of CSVUserlistBrowser with a quick workaround for this current problem.
2017/03/13: HFCC A17 available
The HFCC A17 data are available. Please note that they are not yet official (season starts on March 26th).
2017/02/08: FMSCAN AM lists complete again
The AM lists from FMSCAN have been repaired. There is still a little issue with the UTC time format which has been changed by FMSCAN. I will make an adaptation in the beta version of CSVUserlistBrowser in the course of the day.
2017/02/07: FMSCAN AM lists broken again
Since appr. 1730 UTC the AM lists from FMSCAN only contain frequencies between 1600 and 1700 kHz! This is not a bug in CSVUserlistBrowser! Should the list format be changed again an adaptation of CSVUserlistBrowser could be necessary which will require some time.
2017/01/23: Numbers&Oddities file replaced
The broken file Numbers-2016.xlsx today was replaced by a new version Numbers 2016.xlsx (no dash). It loads OK (ODBC driver required).
2017/01/23: FMSCAN AM list repaired
The FMSCAN AM lists are OK again (1010 UTC).
2017/01/20: FMSCAN AM lists broken
Since today FMSCAN delivers an AM list with a broken line structure. CSVUserlistBrowser reports "Invalid or empty list". I am already in negotiations with FMSCAN to get the valid line structure back. I hope that there will be no changes at FMSCAN once again which require a complete new design of the CSVUserlistBrowser Downloader and file handling.
PS: The current Beta of CSVUserlistBrowser contains a quick workaround. See Readme_beta.txt.
2017/01/15: Note on Numbers&Oddities
The currently at Numbers&Oddities available file "Numbers logs database 2016" (Numbers-2016.xlsx) in Excel format is corrupt. It cannot be opened by MS Excel as well. The fault is not within CSVUserlistBrowser. The file "Numbers logs database 1978-2016" can be imported by CSVUserlistBrowser (Microsoft ODBC driver required), but due the file size (appr. 122000 entries) several seconds (even minutes) of CPU time must be taken into account (measured 30 s with a 3.6 GHz quad core CPU!).
I would like to remind you that 15 minutes are subtracted resp. added to the times given (upon user request) in order to gain a wider timeslot for possible obervations. The file contains several time errors which are caught by CSVUserlistBrowser and transformed to "0000-2400, 1234567".
2017/01/13: Final version of CSVUserlistBrowser 4.09
It is time to release the final version 4.09 of CSVUserlistBrowser. It contains all the changes and bug fixes of the 4.09 beta branch.
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