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YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download - Update YADD_MMSI_SHIP.TXT automatically
Current version: 1.5, 2019/01/22
What ist YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download?
YaDD.exe is a well-known software for decoding DSC telegrams in nautical communication. With YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download.exe you always get the latest ships database from the GM4SLV web site, even if you are not registered at aprs.fi.
YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download.exe is a simple console application. It updates the file YADD_MMSI_SHIP.TXT when necessary and always provides the latest ships database for YaDD.exe.
YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download.exe automatically starts YaDD.exe three seconds after a successful download from the path specified in "yaddpath.txt", for standard installations:
C:\Program Files (x86)\YaDD\YaDD.exe
This path is also important for detecting the target directory where YADD_MMSI_SHIP.TXT must be saved (either a VirtualStore directory
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\YaDD
or the application directory itself - a typical Windows security behaviour).
Screenshot of YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download
Copyright notes
YaDD.exe is a software made by Dirk Claessens. The file YADD_MMSI_SHIP.TXT is provided by GM4SLV. Completeness and accuracy of the data contained are not within my responsibility.
YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download.exe was carefully tested on my PC within my capabilities. The exe does not contain trojans, virusses or nagware. But I do not take any liability that the software is completely bugfree and that it will meet the expectations of the user.
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